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If this is your first visit, or you are interested in learning about the mission and activities of the Virginia League of the South we recommend our introductory section. After reading the introductory section if you still have questions about our organisation or membership please use our contact form to let us know.

Southern Independence: Antidote to Tyranny
League Of The South 2013 Annual Conference

Featuring practical workshops and speeches promoting Southern independence and practical responses to the current tyranny. Confirmed speakers thus far are:

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VALS: Standing For The Things That Matter!

Welcome to the Internet home of the Virginia League of the South. The League of the South is one of the fastest-growing and most active organisations within the Southern Movement today!

The Virginia LS is a part of the larger League of the South; and our members hold joint membership with the national organisation. We are a grassroots organisation of common folks who just wish to see a return to the Bible and the Constitution; we are teachers, preachers, homemakers, farmers, scientists, business owners, labourers, and more. We are neither a racist nor a military organisation -- just an organisation of like-minded Christian Southerners.

Thousands have already joined our Movement, and we invite YOU to join us in our patriotic stand!

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